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"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all"

Helen Keller

Travel Tips and Info is designed to be a resource for the traveler looking for the most efficient way to pack, or wanting to know the layout of an airport before flying. I also provide cruise cabin videos, cruise ship tours and explanations of ports of call when cruising the Caribbean. If you’re looking for specific information and can’t find it here, contact me and I’ll put it on my blog list. 

I primarily provide information on Caribbean cruises, trips to Europe (especially the Netherlands and Spain) and links for travel accessories that I personally use. Scroll through my blog for more tips, or visit my YouTube Channel (link below)

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Packing Tips

If you like to pack light, like me (because you're tired of lost luggage), then here are some tips for how to use compression bags as well as accessories that will make your life easier.

Travel Videos

Travel Videos

Watch some of the travel videos for Cruising, European travel and airports!


Cruising Tips

Learn how to book with the best price, choose the right cabin for you, and know what to expect once onboard.

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