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Where to Get a COVID Test When Flying Out of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, Netherlands

COVID Testing for Flying from The Netherlands to the United States

If you are flying from The Netherlands (Holland) at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport to somewhere outside of the EU, you may be required to show proof of a negative COVID test. This can usually be a Rapid Test, Antigen Test or PCR Test. But check with the requirements of the country you are flying to, so you can choose the correct test. Rather than trying to find a COVID testing site in town before you fly, you can register at Test2Fly online and have a rapid test done right before your flight. 

I was flying from Amsterdam to Atlanta, GA, USA and was required to not only show proof of vaccination, but also a negative COVID test that was no more than 3 days old. These requirements are constantly changing, so please check the website of the country you are flying to before you fly to make sure you can comply with their regulations. 

One issue I had was that the Test 2 Fly website was displayed in Dutch and would not display the site in English, even when I clicked the British Flat that said “English.” I speak enough Dutch to understand the site, but you might need to have someone help you if you don’t speak Dutch. I tried the site again when I got back to the States, and the home page did display in English, but the interior pages were still in Dutch. So apparently your IP address has no effect on the language displayed.

How Much Does a Test Cost at Schiphol Airport?

At the time I wrote this blog, the rapid COVID test for Corona Virus was 52 Euros, or about $65. That’s less expensive than most of the places around Amsterdam. It’s easy to register online and I had no trouble booking the time slot I needed for my flight. I booked my test about 3 days before I flew. 

Which COVID Test to Get When Flying to the U.S.

I went with the cheapest test, the “Antigeen Sneltest” – which means the Rapid Antigen Test in Dutch. Some of the COVID tests there were €239. Be sure to check with the country you’re flying to, but I couldn’t find any specifications for the U.S. These requirements are always changing so be sure to check the official U.S. website for the latest COVID test requirements. 

When I travelled on November 9, 2021, the only person who even checked that I had a test, was a person at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. It was the same person who has you fill out the health form right before you go to the check-in desk. Nobody else wanted to see it. Nobody asked for it or checked it once I got into the U.S. So for me, the Rapid Antigen Test was the best option. 

How Long Does it Take to Get Results?

My appointment was at 9am on a Tuesday. It was not crowded at all and I got my test results emailed to me in the form of a signed letter (PDF attachment) in about 10 minutes. So I didn’t even have to wait around that testing area. Although I would advise waiting in case there is an issue. 

Once I had my letter, which I took a screenshot of on my phone, I headed to the check-in desk. If you want more information on how the check-in process works for flights from Schiphol Airport, I have a blog on that too. 

Where is the Test 2 Fly COVID Testing Site at Schiphol Airport?

Test 2 Fly Location at Schiphol Airport

If you have registered with Test2Fly for a COVID test before you fly at Schiphol airport, then you’ll need to read this to find their testing site. The address that they provide does not go to the correct place. I put it into Google maps and it went somewhere completely different. I was 20 minutes late for my COVID testing appointment because I couldn’t find the place. There is a small map on their website, but it’s still hard to find it based on the references on their map.

Schiphol Plaza Arrivals and Train Station

You’ll need to go to the arrivals area of the airport which is where Schiphol Plaza is. That is where all the shops are as well as the train station. Follow the signs P1 and P6 from Schiphol Plaza. In the far northwest corner you’ll see a giant car display on the wall for Sixt Car Rental. It’s an orange car on the wall. There are escalators there (which you can take your luggage cart on) as well as an elevator that goes to the same place. You will also see signs to the Sheraton Hotel. The entrance to the Sheraton is right next to the testing station.


Take the escalators under the car (you can take your luggage cart)

Go up the escalator or elevator at the orange car, and then just go straight down the hallway. This corridor is over the road that goes by the departures area. Walk about 75 yards (or 75 meters) and you’ll see the testing site just past the Sheraton entrance. There will be signs for “Test2Fly” once you come up the escalators. But there aren’t signs anywhere else in the airport. 

Sheraton Bridge Walkway to COVID Testing Site

Checking in at Test 2 Fly

You will have to check in at one of the counters on the left, then go to the counter on the right to get tested. My test results took about 10 minutes. I was emailed a letter saying my test results were negative. Then it was off to the check-in counter. 

The type of COVID test I got at Test2FLy wass a rapid test, but it’s not the one that goes up your nose all the way to the back of your throat like the old rapid test. It is a shorter stick that just swabs the inside of your nostril. It’s still uncomfortable because they put it up pretty far, but it’s nothing like the original COVID rapid tests which were horrific. Those sticks were about 6 inches long and literally went in that far. So all in all, this COVID testing site is fast, reliable and easy to use…if you can find it. 

COVID Information Required at Schiphol Check-in Desk

When you go to your check-in desk, you will be required to show your negative letter, your proof of vaccination as well as fill out an attestation letter saying you have no COVID symptoms and haven’t knowingly been around someone who tested positive for COVID. 

After you check in, you shouldn’t have to show your vaccine certificate or your COVID test results again.

Safe travels from the Netherlands and Schiphol airport!