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Tour of Carnival Magic Balcony Cabin #9236

Carnival Magic Cabin 9236

Balcony Cabin #9236

This is a tour of balcony cabin 9236 on the Carnival Magic out of Port Canaveral. You don’t get your keys when you check in, the way other cruise lines do it. Instead, your keys are in a bin by your door when you come aboard. If they’re not there, make sure you report it to ship’s services right away.

Cabin Interior

Cabin #9236 Interior

The room was bigger than we expected, with plenty of room for both of us. One thing I really liked is that the balcony door is on the side of the balcony instead of in the middle. So everyone doesn’t have to move out of the way for the door to open and close. 

It has a nice workspace which we made use of. The only downside is that there are only 2 outlets so I recommend you bring a power strip or European adapters/converters so that you can use those outlets as well. Just check out what you’re plugging in there and be sure it can handle the different voltage (unless you’re using a converter).

The bed was very comfortable with soft sheets and a duvet, which I prefer, instead of blankets. The pillows were fluffy and there were plenty of them. The TV was very small, however the bed was close enough to it, that it didn’t really matter. 

The couch was WAY bigger than I expected. It has a coffee table that can be raised and lowered. We had room service breakfast there each morning. Plus it acted as a nice second workstation if both of you need to be on laptops at the same time. 

Cabin Refrigerator

The refrigerator was big enough for our drinks and snacks that we brought back from the buffet, which was nice. If you want to see the inside, check out my YouTube video on this cabin. The shelves slid forward and back inside so that we could put taller bottles of wine or champagne in the back and still have plenty of shelf space for smaller items.


View down from our balcony

The balcony was on the small side, but if you just want a place to sit outside, it does the trick. There were two regular chairs with a small table for drinks in between. We were very high up (deck 9), so we looked down onto the walkways of the lower decks. We prefer to be closer to the water, so we may book a lower cabin in the future. 


There were 3 closets, but only one had some shelves in it, so it wasn’t a great use of space. There were a couple of small drawers in the desk, but there were no dressers. Luckily we travel pretty light, so it was fine for us. We stowed our bags under the bed, so they didn’t take up any closet space. 


The bathroom was nice and had plenty of room. I liked the large counter and the 3 glass shelves on both sides of the sink. The shower was really small, however, it did have a lip on the edge to keep water from sloshing onto the bathroom floor, which was nice. We had plenty of towels that were large and soft. But the body wash and shampoo were horrible! It’s like Dawn dish detergent. I would highly recommend bringing your own. 

All in all, we liked this cabin. We had originally booked an interior cabin, but the ship was so empty, that they upgraded us for a total of $60. The cabin steward was kind enough to show me the room across the hall that we were supposed to be in, and boy was it TINY! It was about half the total size. I’m so relieved that we upgraded.