You are currently viewing Tour of Signature Suite Cabin 7080 on Holland America Nieuw Amsterdam

Tour of Signature Suite Cabin 7080 on Holland America Nieuw Amsterdam

Nieuw Amsterdam Signature Suite cabin 7080

Signature Suite on the Nieuw Amsterdam

We took a 7 day cruise aboard the Nieuw Amsterdam in December of 2021. We were upgraded to a Signature Suite on the angled part of the ship that sticks out, so the cabin is larger than other Signature Suites. It’s a little hard to explain, but it’s where the suites end and the regular verandah staterooms begin. I’m writing this blog and including pictures because I couldn’t find any information on that particular room on this ship. I had no idea how the shape of the ship affected this particular cabin.

Connecting Balconies

Larger balcony than other Signature Suites. The red arrow indicates where the door was opened in between the two balconies.
Those are also Signature Suites beyond our balcony. You can see how much smaller their balconies are.

We got that particular room because our kids had a regular balcony cabin and we wanted to be next door. It was the only Signature Suite that was next door to a regular balcony cabin. We asked the room steward to open the door between the balconies (something they refused to do on NCL).  It was so convenient to get to their rooms walking back and forth on the balcony rather than having to go through the corridor. It also made for a very large balcony for both of us, as well as a larger suite.

That funny angled area on Signature Suite 7080

The space to the right of the side table is only in these angled suites, not in the regular Signature Suites.

We were curious as to what the inside of that suite looked like because the ship was angled on the outside at that point. I couldn’t find anything online that showed pictures or an accurate floor plan or square footage of the room, so I decided to take some videos and pictures so others could see what it was like. The extra space you get with the angle is just a triangular-shaped open space inside the room. But it’s great for putting shoes and other items so they’re not in the way. We also used that extra space for laying our stuff out when we were packing/unpacking. 

Sitting Area with large flat-screen TV

The angled balcony was nice because you could almost always get out of the sun (or stay in the sun if that’s what you’re looking for). It was quite deep and had two sets of chairs. One set was around a table, and the others were lounge chairs with a small round table in between them. I liked this arrangement much better than the other signature suite balconies which were just square and deep. 

Loud Clanking Noises

We loved the space in the room, however this particular suite is next to something that clanks about every 2 hours. It’s LOUD! I heard it through my earplugs and it scared the life out of my husband the first night. It clanks twice in a row and sounds like it’s right near the wall. It’s something mechanical apparently. So if you don’t want that sound, be warned. 

Very Roomy with Plenty of Workspace

Desk area with window

As far as roominess, the cabin was huge! We had so much counter space, it was just amazing. We both bring our laptops to work when we travel, so it was especially nice to have two separate desks with chairs. I also liked that there was a window in front of the larger desk that looked out onto the balcony. There was a full sized couch with coffee table for eating room service. The space between the end of the bed and the coffee table was enough so that it was easy to pass by without having to move anything out of the way.

There were also more outlets than in a standard cabin. Both desks had outlets, the bedside table had an outlet, and under the shelving below the desk near the refrigerator were more U.S. outlets. 

Signature Suite Bathroom

Signature Suite Bathroom

The bathroom was so much bigger than I expected, but it is the same size as all the other Signature Suites. It was a little strange having a shower in the tub, PLUS a shower stall. The shower stall was quite cramped and I opted for taking a shower in the tub. The tub had jets for any bath-lovers out there. The bathroom counter was very long and had one sink at either end. There were shelves underneath as well as one drawer. We had plenty of room for all of our stuff. I do wish there had been shelves on the sides to store bottles and toothpaste. 

Signature Suite Storage areas and Amenities

Hallway and closet space

The bedside tables had a large drawer and an open area with a shelf under the drawer. There were reading lights on both sides of the bed. 

There was plenty of storage in the wardrobe cabinets located in the hallway (which is much wider than a standard cabin hallway), plus the amount of space between the end of the bed and the couch was enough for two people to pass easily. 

There was also storage in the drawers in both desks, so each of us had about 4-5 drawers plus those large wardrobes to store our clothes. It was more than enough. There was so much room in this cabin, we could easily move around without getting in each other’s way. 

The minifridge was full of drinks which we asked them to remove, so we could put our own stuff in there. 

The TV was large and they had a wide selection of on-demand movies, but their regular channel selection was pretty minimal.

There was a salon-quality hair dryer which was wonderful! Plus 2 nice bathrobes, slippers and beach towels in the closet. There were also wine glasses and a set of binoculars on the shelf over the fridge.

Various wine and drink glasses, as well as a pair of binoculars

Overall, if I had the opportunity to upgrade to this type of cabin again for a reasonable price, I would do so. It’s worth it if you’re going to be on a seven day or longer cruise.