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Carnival Magic Interior Cabin #9234

Carnival Magic Interior Cabin 9234

Interior Cabin aboard the Carnival Magic

This is a tour of interior cabin 9236 on the Carnival Magic out of Port Canaveral. We usually book an interior cabin and then wait for the upgrade options to get the balcony. In the end we paid $60 total to upgrade to the balcony. We’ve been able to do this during COVID because the ships have been half full. As the CDC has now turned over capacity guidelines to the individual cruise lines (as of January 2022), I’m sure they’ll get more crowded. But it was fun while it lasted. We took three cruises from September 2021 to January 2022 and it was glorious! Virtually empty ships.

Cabin Interior

The interior cabins are MUCH smaller than the balcony cabins. I didn’t realize how much smaller until we walked into the interior cabin across the hall (the one we were originally booked in). The room steward was kind enough to open it for me so I could take some pictures and videos. 

I hope you really like the person you’re spending your cruise with, because you will be on top of each other. Everything is smaller, the desk, the counter, the space around the bed. 

Work Space in the Interior Cabin

Desk and counter in the interior cabin on Carnival Magic

There are outlets at both ends of the desk. However, one is European, so if you have an adapter, I recommend you bring it. I always bring European plug adapters, because it usually doubles the scant number of outlets that are available. Most laptops and phones are already made to use on the European 220V 50hz system, so you usually just need an adapter and not a converter. But to be safe, best to check the manufacturer’s specification. 

Interior Cabin Bedding

The bed was very comfortable with soft sheets and a duvet, which I prefer. The bed can be converted from one queen to two double beds which moves them right up against the wall and puts the night stands in between the beds. The pillows were fluffy and there were plenty of them. I really do find the Carnival beds very comfortable.

The TV was very small and positioned on the side of the closet, however the bed was close enough that it didn’t really matter. 

Cabin Refrigerator

I didn’t have a whole of time to take many pictures, but the refrigerator is the same as the balcony cabins. We would typically bring back snacks like bread and cheese back from the buffet and put them in the fridge for later that night. There was also plenty of room for the drinks that we brought. If you want to see the inside of the refrigerator, watch my YouTube video on the balcony cabin 9236. The shelves slid forward and back inside so that we could put taller bottles of wine or champagne in the back and still have plenty of shelf space for smaller items.


Two closets on the right

There were two closets (the balcony cabin has three), and the hallway was very narrow. There were a couple of small drawers in the desk which helped, but there were no dressers. Luckily we travel pretty light, so it was fine for us. We stowed our bags under the bed, so they didn’t take up any closet space. I didn’t have a chance to open these closets, but I assume they were similar to the ones in the balcony cabin which you can see on my blog Carnival Magic Balcony Cabin 9236.


The bathroom is identical to the balcony cabins

The bathroom is exactly the same as the balcony cabin, which was great. I liked the large counter and the 3 glass shelves on both sides of the sink. The shower was really small. However, it did have a lip on the edge to keep water from sloshing onto the bathroom floor. We had plenty of towels that were large and soft. But the body wash and shampoo were horrible! It’s like Dawn dish wash detergent. I would highly recommend bringing your own. 

I’m glad we upgraded to the balcony cabin, because I’m not sure I could have spent a week in this tiny room. However, my kids love it and always book interior cabins to save money. They like the fact that it’s totally dark when they turn off the lights, and they don’t care about having a lot of space.