A Short Story

Barbara Ingram in ArubaMy name is Barbara Ingram (that’s me in Aruba on a dive trip), and I love to travel and to help others navigate their travels. Whether you’re traveling locally through a small airport to a bordering state, or to another country, I hope my information will help you have a more pleasant trip. 

Traveling to 140 Countries

I grew up in Southeast Asia mostly in Malaysia and Thailand, although I spent the first 3 years of my life in Japan. I have been to 6 continents (sorry, but no interest in Antarctica), and to over 140 countries. I’ve been on Safari in Africa, on the Orient Express, in the deserts of Afghanistan, the Outback of Australia, and my favorite…New Zealand.

I enjoy learning about other cultures and seeing new things. Hopefully, I can bring a different perspective with my blogs and the videos I make.

I am a dual citizen with the U.S. and The Netherlands, and my mother’s side of the family is still in the Netherlands. I like to go there as often as I can. While there, I travel with my cousin Fionna to Spain or England to collect sea glass for our side business, Soul Shells Sea Glass

Airports, train stations and cities can be confusing to navigate if you’re visiting for the first time. I hope that my informational travel videos will help make things a little less stressful. 

~ Barbara

Travel pictures from the French Riviera, Paris, Amsterdam and Mallorca.

Barbara Ingram in Paris
Mallorca Spain
Barbara and Corla Ingram in Amsterdam

The above pictures are of the family and me on our European vacation in the summer of 2017 when our daughter graduated from high school. We spent a week on the French Riviera in Les Issambres, then some time in Paris, The Netherlands with my family, and Mallorca, Spain for a week (where we found a lot of sea glass!)